Welcome to Kirinyaga University Library, Kenya. The University Library exists to support learning, teaching, research and innovation in line with the vision, mission and core values of the University.  The available relevant, varied, unique and high quality collection (print and e-materials with over 70 databases) are tailored to the information needs of the faculty and students.  Providing access to digitally available subscription resources exemplifies the power and necessity of multiple collaborative arrangements and networked services through Consortia. Users services are available in all patrons through various platforms including, but not limited to consultation, telephone, email, 24/7 chat services i.e. "Ask a Librarian”, smes regardless of location.  The Library also provides extensive research and instructional support to users through provision of current awareness and scholarship monitoring, ICT, online guides, course reserves, digital projects, information retrieval skills and management, and research assistant training with emphasis on information access and searching, critical evaluation of resources on the web, and the use of citation management tools.

Please let us communicate:  chat, call, e-mail, text message to jointly share our vision for the Library.

Thank you.

Stephen Maina.

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