Questions that our users have often asked are well answered here. You are however free to ask any other query regarding information provision in our library.



  • I have noticed there are some books that come with DVDs that contain the entire notes on the same book. Can students ever get access to these DVDs?

    Yes, just note its call number and request for it from the respective short loan counter.

  • I would like to know more about the library account for students. I have often seen this Log in box whenever I open the Library catalog. How I can log in such account?

    Logging in the library catalog is done using once registration number and the password given during registration as a library user. Searching for information materials in the library catalog is however possible without logging in.

  • What do i do to renew a book?

    We currently don’t have this service due to the high demands for the available copies.

  • Must you have library cards when borrowing books if you have a smart ID card?

    Once you have you smart school ID card come to the library and register with us so that you may be able to borrow books.

  • How can I find a book in the shelves?

    Visit our library catalog. From there click ‘Advanced search’. Under ‘Search for’ enter your search then scroll down to the ‘Limit to any of the following’ section.


  • Can I access past papers online?

    The following are the steps in accessing KyU past papers.

    Past papers can only be accessed using university cooperate student or staff email.

    • Click the past papers link on the Library Catalogue or the Library website.
    • On the resultant window, choose your school
    • From the resulting search window type in either the course title or course code then press ‘BEGIN SEARCH’
  • How do i get the usernames and passwords required to access online journals and books?

    Visit our libraries KyU main campus to be issued with the relevant usernames and passwords.


  • How do i access KyU wireless internet?

    Ensure your laptop WI-FI is turned on and connected to a network with a prefix ‘KyU WIRELESS’. CLICK CONNECT and use the password provided by ICT department.
    Signal strength vary depending on your location within the library. Connect to the network with the highest signal strength.


  • What’s the process & requirement for registering with the library in order to start using the library services?

    For a KyU student to use the library, they need to come with their student ID. In a case where you don’t have one you can come with your national ID and admission letter, until the student ID is provided to you. The only service you cannot access without your student ID is borrowing of library materials.

  • How can CISCO students access the library as they are normally not issued with School ID cards which are needed so as to access the library?

    CISCO students can access the library using their Cisco registration forms. They can however not borrow books.


  • How can I get a job in the library?

    The way to get a job with us is to drop your application and CV at the HR office and when there is a vacancy the university will contact you.

  • Is it possible to get an attachment in the library?

    Attachments in the library are applied through the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) office.