Kirinyaga University Library subscribes to peer reviewed full text electronic journals and books to support teaching, learning and research activities of the University. The available electronic databases cover all subject areas. The major databases and their subject coverage are summarized below. Kindly access the databases for more information.


Database Name

Subject Strength

Chemistry, Geoscience, Engineering, History and Life Science


Humanities and Social Sciences

Bio-Medicine and the Life Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Human Sciences, Social Sciences and Economics.


Multidisciplinary e-books library.

All scientific and scholarly subjects are covered

Education & Literature


Geographic Information Systems


Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics, and Medical books


AIDS, Anatomy, Cardiology, Dermatology, Hematology, Neurology, Oncology, Pharmacology Radiology

Business, Economics, Law, Medical, Nature ,Political Science, Social Science, Technology & Engineering.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion, Social Sciences, Political Science, Education Fine Arts Science Medicine , Agriculture Technology Military Science ,Naval Science & Library Science

Religion, Art, Cinema and Media Studies, Classics, Digital, Economics, Education, Environmental, Studies, History, Biography, History, Law, Literature and Language, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sciences, Women & Gender Studies


Finance, Business ,Computer Science & Information Systems, Economics Engineering, Languages, General, Humanities, Language, Law, Mathematics, Statistics, Sciences & Social.

Automotive, Business,Education,Environment Finance,Health&Food,History,Literature,Marketing, Medical, Personal Growth,Science,Software,Spiritual,Technology and Travel.




Biomedical, Life, Physical and Social Sciences

Medicine, Politics, Linguistics, Law, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities

Health Nursing

Accounting, business, Education, library science, Sociology, transport, health and Engineering.

Health and Medical Content

Chemistry, Mathematics, Environment and Engineering

Psychology, Education, Law, Public Health and Life sciences

Art, Music and Mathematics

Applied Sciences and Clinical Medicine

Analytical Chemistry and Natural Products

Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine

Bio-medicine and the life sciences, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, human sciences, social sciences and economics.

Earth Sciences

Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Biological and Physical Sciences

Technology, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences


Database Name

Subject Strength


Health Education Resources


Ethics Resources


Aquaculture Animal Health, Crop Production and Forestry


Medical Textbooks in Gastroenterology and Herpetology

Agriculture and Enterprise Development


Social Science, Human Development, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Health, Education, Climate Change, Natural Resources, Regional Integration.


 Gateway for Free E-Journals

Business Management, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, General Works, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Library Science, Life Sciences



Multidisciplinary books, articles & journals.

Ethics, Gynaecology,Obstetrics, Haematology, Human Anatomy, Immunology,Allergy, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine Law, General Microbiology, Ethics, Gastroenterology, Genetics Geriatrics, Gynaecology Obstetrics Haematology, Human Anatomy, Medicine, Nursing

Username: KEN241

Password: 27934


Engineering and Technology



Economic & Research


Research on Development



Environment, Maths Agriculture, Technology, Biology, Statistics & Engineering.


Theses & Dissertations African Studies Collections


Public Policy, Research & Analysis


Laws of Kenya, Parliamentary Bills and Legal notices

Anatomy, Anesthesia, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Bioethics, Biological, Chemical, Nuclear Warfare, Dermatology, Dentistry, Urology, Travel Medicine, Surgery, Preventive Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Laws of Kenya, Parliamentary Bills and Legal notices


Engineering, Management and Medical


Education, Finance, Justice, Climate & Regulatory Laws


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, History Geography, Anthropology, Recreation, Social Sciences, Political Science Language and Literature Science, Medicine, Agriculture Technology & Military Science


Humanities & Social Sciences.


Biology, Medicine, Pathogen, Computational Biology, & Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Animal, Education, Music, Fiction, Fine Art, History, Technology, Psychology, Religion, War ,Language, Music & Crime.

Research Methods

History, Economics, politics , law, Computing, Engineering, Maths, Education & Marketing


Agriculture, Sciences, Biography, Sciences, Computers,Conflict and Security Issues, Earth, Sciences, Education, Energy and Energy Conservation,Engineering, Technology, Environment and Environmental Studies, Explore Science, Food and Nutrition,Health and Medicine, Industry and Labour, Math, Chemistry, Physics,Policy for Science, Space and Aeronautics & Transportation

General Research output on Public


Philosophy, Computer Science, Technology, Art, Social Sciences, History, Geography, Natural Sciences & Languages.
 World Library of Science

Science Education


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