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Kirinyaga University Repository

Transforming Growth factor- Betas (TGF-βs) in Human endometrialand endometric cells in Vitro

Mecha, E.O; Omwandho, C; TinnerBerg, H,r; Konrad, L (World congress on endometrics, 2017-05-18)
Muchira, I.R; Njoroge, W. K; Karimi, P.M (Science Publishing Group, 2016-07-28)
In the present work, a systematic investigation of crystallization kinetics of In60Se40 alloy has been made. Thin films of In60Se40 were prepared by thermal evaporation using Edward Auto 306 evaporation system. Electrical ...
Kiura, Francis Kaara; Runyora, Jackson Maina (International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, 2016-04)
All over the world, Savings and credit cooperative societies operate in environments that keep changing continuously. This study was therefore designed to establish the legal and regulatory factors experienced in this ...
Rotich, Erick; Anselemo, Ikhoa; Wasike, Jotham (2015-01)
Wasike, Jotham; Njoroge, Lawrence (Emirald, 2013-04)

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